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gel saddle cover

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  • Features:
    • Comfortably padded saddle cover with gel cushion; suitable for indoor trainers such as exercise bikes or ergometers as well as bikes.
    • Universal use: three different sizes suitable for all popular indoor models as well as for racing bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes etc; see below for dimensions.
    • Multi-layered padding with gel and memory foam adapts to you and becomes even more comfortable over time.
    • Ergonomic shape: the deep recess in the centre stops sensitive parts of the body "falling asleep."
    • Suitable for outdoor use: the gel saddle cover is fully water-resistant and effectively absorbs shocks.
    • Completely secure hold: the safety cord can be firmly tightened and fixed in place.
    • Non-slip thanks to the anti-slip underside.
    • Extremely easy to use.
    • More hygienic: Take the saddle cover with you to the gym too, so you know what your bum is in contact with.
    • Recommended for long rides/training sessions in particular.
    • Dimensions of the individual models:
      • M --> W 17 | L 28.5 cm
      • L --> W 27 | L 29 cm
      • XL --> W 32.5 cm | 33 cm
    • Suitable for all sizes:
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cardiostrong gel saddle cover