cardiostrong Crosstrainer
Mini Elliptical Trainer

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Product details

  • Features:
    • Mini exercise bike / cross trainer for more movement while sitting
    • Exercises the legs and buttocks while sitting and helps to flatten the abdomen thanks to higher calorie consumption
    • The additional movement improves blood circulation in the legs
    • Joint-friendly and ergonomic movement
    • The movement is easy and simple to perform: does not interfere with work or watching TV
    • 8 resistance levels
    • Small LCD display with calories burned, time, steps, distance
    • With integrated carrying handle
    • Almost free of noise
    • Reading, watching TV, office work, waiting, listening to music, chopping vegetables - all these sedentary activities can now be made to move, contributing to a healthier lifestyle!
    • Incl. anti-slip mat, if you want to use the mini elliptical trainer, for example, on tiled flooring
  • Dimensions:
    • Dimensions set-up - cardiostrong Mini Elliptical Trainer: (L) 51 cm x (W) 41 cm x (H) 29 cm
  • Technical information:
    • Braking system: manually adjustable magnetic brake
  • Computer:
    • Resistance levels: 8
    • Display: duration, RPM, calories,


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cardiostrong Mini Elliptical Trainer