cardiostrong Rowing machine
Natural Rower Rowing Machine

Of all fitness machines, wooden rowing machines with water resistance offer the most natural rowing feeling. One advantage of this system: the resistance is controlled by your pulling speed, just like on open water. This unique rowing feeling comes with the Natural Rower's chic, purist design, so you can focus entirely on your workout.

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Product details

  • Features:
    • Fundamentally good: water rowing machine with a stylish and stable frame made of wood and steel
    • Just row naturally: water is the most effective (and natural) resistance when rowing
    • Ergonomic sitting position: two rails = closer foot position = better natural posture
    • You determine the intensity: the harder / faster you pull, the higher the resistance.
    • Purist design: the cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine's design is limited to the essentials, so you can focus on your training
    • Pleasant pulling movement: thanks to a good gear ratio, precisely aligned rudder blades and ball-bearing pulleys
    • Quiet, pleasant sounds as you train: you only hear the noise of the water; even at high intensity, it has a calming effect
    • Slim post-workout figure! Simply fold it up; the wooden rowing machine takes up less floor space than a chair
    • Slim figure after training! Rowing with the water rowing machine is one of the most successful forms of weight loss training – it is fun, the intensity can be changed quickly and it involves almost the whole body.
    • Ready, Steady, Go! Assemble and go – you don't have to adjust anything on the console: just press start and off you go!
    • American ashwood
  • Dimensions:
    • Max. user-weight: 120 kg
    • Dimensions set-up - cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine: (L) 210 cm x (W) 56 cm x (H) 53 cm
      Folded - cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine: (L) 53 cm x (W) 56 cm x (H) 210 cm


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cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine